I pulled in to Valero #06436467001 on Saratoga and Moorpark, in San Jose, CA. All I needed was for them to loosen a screw on my rearview mirror with an allen wrench.

The mechanic on-duty loosened it and asked for 5 dollars. "For what?" I asked. Paid him (which I saw him pocket) and decided to boycott Valero. Fist of all this employee should be reported for arbitrarily charging customers.

With gas prices being what they are, how dare Valero employees charge for loosening a f*****g screw. I was a good customer, but I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

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Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil #23305

You couldn't do the job yourself or didn't want to pay for an allen wrench, and you're complaining because you were charged for the job? High gas prices is just a red herring - paying the cost for the primary goods doesn't entitle you to free additional goods.

What did Julia Roberts say to Richard Gere in pretty Woman? Oh yeah, "I can do whatever I want to, mister - I ain't lost."

Still, if you thought he was truly pocketing the cash (and not just slipping it in his pocket like wait staff does when they're on their way to a till), you should have asked for a receipt. If he was truly charging for something he shouldn't, that would have called him out. Or you would have gotten a receipt, proving the charge was legit.

to stubbornkelly #1267435

Plus valerio screws their employees at every turn. What's so wrong with trying to make an extra buck?

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