The guys was to busy on the phone, to start pump. He yell at me, for not tell him about pump. We were the only one at the store. He told us it was our fault. We were going to put $ 75 dollar of diesel and some snack. The told my husband off too. This was in lordsburg...
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On June 18 at 9:40pm, I went to get gas at the local Valero in the town that I live in. The attendant was too busy on the phone to pay attention to what he was doing. He didn't want to hold the nozzle and stop talking on the phone, so he twisted it somehow and then...
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I didn't like
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Today My card was declined I call they said I reach my card limit I ask for a limit to be raise I was told they send a letter out on the 13 of the month saying my limit could be raise I was only looking for a hundred dollar increase.I explain to customer service that I...
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Valero - Bad Customer Service \

i will never shop at Valero Gas Station and will put in Facebook \ The owner never call me or address my issue .
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Valero - Bad Customer Service

I spend around 275 00 a month at the store / will tell all my friends not to shop there 1176 Moreland Ave. Atlanta Ga
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Valero custmer service telephone number

Ineed valero custemer service telfon number to pay my bill.
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Valero - Inadequate workers n credit pump not working

The pump r not accepting credit n the person in booth tell me they don't process credit fuel transaction. This been goin on since l got d card, 1 day machine works then next 2 weeks not accepting cards
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Valero - Cashiers have bad attitude

Every time we go in the store, one of the cashiers have an attitude with me.
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Never had a problem with Valero until these last few years when locations decided to be *** hats and change their drink cups to foam. These *** cups have a tendency to break and spill *** all over the place like god damn its *** stupid. Like the first few times not a...
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Contact Valero

Mailing Address:
General Inquiries & Store Customer Service P.O. Box 696000
San Antonio, Texas 78269
(800) 324-8464
On 5/16/18 at 12:50 PM. Velero station located on Kuykendahl Road at Cypress HIll, Spring Texas. Sign notes $2.45 for Cash price, and has been that way for at least a couple of days. So my wife went in with cash. Paid in advance, but was charged $2.55 per gallon. When...
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