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I walked in the Valero that was once a Phillips 66 on Albert Pike in Hot Springs Arkansas the clerk James had an attitude with me because I walked up to the counter where there was nobody standing there and ask to buy scratch off ticket he informed me that there was someone in front of me and I said okay I stepped back. there was also another customer in the store who was ragging on about how people shouldn't leave their car keys in the car because Somebody's Baby got kidnapped I wasn't really listening but I think he was calling himself talking to me because I left my car running outside I ignored him because he was a customer I paid him no and stood and waited until it was my turn to go to the counter well the man that was talking about the car situation told me to go in front of him so I did James copped an attitude I asked him for a scratch off he proceeded to tell me that it wasn't one in there so I told him to give me another one A different one he walks over and then he says I need to see your ID so I said to him I get tired of you asking me for my ID every time I come in the store you give me a problem I don't understand why what is your problem with me he proceeded to curse me out tell me to leave the store shut up talking to him blah blah blah blah so I asked him what his name was he told me it was James and I said I will be reporting you he told me he didn't give a {{Redacted}}and to get out of his store get my *** out of the store get out of the store now now I did not get to buy the scratch off I was rudely talk to buy him and a customer that was standing in the store I'm guessing they're friends or they just conversate in the store every morning I don't know I do not go to the store because of him and sometimes I stopped at this door hoping he's not in there but I always end up seeing him in there and he's always rude to me but today he made me cry I want something done I need someone to call me because this does not make any sense I do not know this man I've never met him before in my life except for at that Valero store and every time I've had an encounter with him he has cursed me talk down to me and treated me bad and I am fed up I'm a customer who spends money if he asked me for my ID I go get it I don't give him problems enough for him to talk to me the way he does but everytime I go in the store he talks to me like that I thought at first it was because I was black but when I go in there he doesn't talk to other people like that I don't know what his problem is with me he feels like he can talk to me any kind of way I don't appreciate it and I will not give up until I see something done about this thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Valero Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When I check the tape, are you sure I'm not going to see you giving him attitude because he asked for your ID?

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