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I visited a Velero corner store # 4199 in Bossier City Louisiana Airline Drive Location. The clerk was Miochi Thornton.

This clerk was very rude and just a plain *** I would never recommend stopping at one of these stores they need to better train theses people!!! I really hate dealing with these folks that wake up in the morning living fron pay check to pay check so they are mad at the world well let me tell you this go get you a better EDUCATION- Ed ja ma ca tion as they say then you will be where I am until then get a life

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Horrible person. You definitely dont understand or know what brings people to certain places in life. Learn to be human.


Okay... I work at Valero.

I am a senior at University of North Texas getting my EDJAMACATION. It is how I am putting myself through college. No, valero is not the best job, but you think if could work somewhere better we wouldnt take it in a heartbeat? Think of how many people we have to deal with all day.

I do my best to deliver excellent customer service, but its people like you, :"the ones with the better job that think theyre better than everyone else and have the right to be rude to those with the "less professional job"' that make even the nicest of us sometimes lose patience. But its okay, I will graduate soon enough, get my career started and will never have to deal with rude customers again.

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