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Went to the pump to purchase gas and the store put a 75.00 authorization on my card for $6.01 in gas. This caused my account to be over drawn 53.19 and does not include over draft charge of 35.00.

I found out because I went to the Dollar General next door and was totally embarrassed when my card was declined for a small purchase. In addition I was not able to complete two other transaction that needed to be done this afternoon.

Do not purchase gas here. You will regret it! I do right at this moment I am in the hole to the bank for $ 88.19 for $ 6.00 in gas.

Shame on Valero!

Monetary Loss: $88.

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Emailed Valero and they sent a complete explanation of the hold process like I didnt know what a hold was. My issue is that they placed a 75.00 hold on my card with no warning for 6.01 purchase.

There is one sign on the pump said must prepay with card at pump or cash inside. Nothing about holds.
The hold is still on the account as of 01/10/2013 :( :( :(

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