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My car was overheating, so I pulled into Valero near Austin Community College, North Ridge, Austin, TX. I decided to get gas since I had to check out my radiator anyway.

They only had one clerk behind the counter who was on the phone for at least 5 minutes. I tried to get his attention, but he shushed me and told me he was busy on the phone.

He then refused to sell me gas once he was off of the phone. I know it seems harmless, but he was very rude as are most of their clerks at Valero.

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Oh yeah...I was the employee who went out and crawled under people's cars, helped diagnose a problem, and even assisted the customer in changing out a part (if that's what they needed) when they would pull up with car problems. I figured "I'm a customer service rep, which means I assist any customer who pulls into our parking lot." If you are in the parking lot, you are a potential customer so I will help in whatever way I can.

Our store had a gas can that we allowed people to use if they ran out of gas, but the female manager I was talking about in my reply to chris anderson, threw that out.

She said everyone needed to purchase a gas can ($15 for a 2 gallon gas can), so I started handing out the gas can I kept in my car. She was pissed, but couldn't do anything about it!


Why is the bottled water outside in front of the store in this heat in tx. Rockwall tx.

I am going to contact the health Dep.

hot plastic is toxic. it causes cancer, Volero dont care .2527 is the store no.

to chris anderson #853992

I realize this is long....sorry!

No they don't! I was an employee there for 3 years.

After my first 2 weeks, my hiring manager said he was going to train me for Asst Mngr because I was doing so well. The store I was transferred to once I was promoted (which took 3 months after my promotion to actually get the title and 26 cent raise...whoopee!!! I'm rich because I make $8.76 now!! NOT) had a manager that didn't care about the job at all.

When I asked about the sodas and water that were on carts in an area with no shade (my original store kept them under the overhang that went from the store to over all pumps), I was told that "we are just supposed to follow what they say and not question it." I can't do that when it comes to endangering people's health. When he bailed with no notice and left me to run the store for 4 months, I only kept a few out there and told the employees that if someone buys a pack of water, point them to the stack that stays inside out of the sun and tell them the ones outside are just displays. When the new manager came in, he went back to the old way of not keeping any inside. When he also bailed on us, I went back to my way and asked about them allowing me to take over the store.

I was told I was going to begin training for Manager within the next month...never happened. I ran the store reports, audits, orders, bi-monthly audits, and everything else alone for the next 5 months. The time that I was acting manager was the best time of my employment and the CSRs that were there. I made sure to keep the customers happy and come up with different ideas (like keeping the waters inside) that were better for the customers.

This, plus the fact that I made sure the CSRs new they were appreciated, kept the employees happy and resulted in better sales. The lady who was taking over completely ruined all of that. We lost so many customers because of her. When asked about the water, she would tell customers "That's how the company wants it done, that's how it will be done." She shot down my pleas to allow water packs to be kept inside.

All the packs that were extras were stored in a metal shed outside, that only had 2 very small vents to allow air to pass through.

So yeah...they don't give a *** about the customer, just the money that the customer has.

On a side note, we were written up for not selling enough "plus-sell" items (the candy, beef sticks, granola bars, cookies, etc) during our shift.

So when the cashier bugs you about the plus-sell items, please don't take it out on them. They just don't want to be written up.

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