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11'clock pm, walkin to get a beer and a csshier named Jennifer asked for my ID which got stolen wk ago so i giver my US passport issued by the gov. She tells me she cant sell it bc she does not know if it's real so I tell her you check IDs but you don't know if they're real either.she was being a total b**** so I send my husband in and she tells him oh I can't sell you beer because I know you're buying it for her but I'm 3 months pregnant she kept pointing at me being rude you can see that she's raising her voice at my husband through the windows so I walk in and ask her what is the problem and she just stares at me give me a mean look and we walk out.

rudest customer service I've ever had there I've never had a problem. I will not be going back while she's working there

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Madisonville, Texas, United States #1013735

TABC Seller Server Certification states that the seller does not have to sell. Many stores around town do not authorize their cashiers to accept any form of ID except a valid Texas Driver's License.

If presented with any other form of ID (Passport, out of state driver's license, military id, etc), then they have to refer to management. Can't say that I blame the cashier for not selling to you or your husband.

Why should she risk fines, penalties, jail time, etc. because of you?


wait, who is pregnant


Passport should have been fine. It is valid legal US photo identification.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #934233

thats how it is, they are only allowed to check ID's and at time depending on the state, allowed to take other things like passports. Also they are trained to pick up if someone is buying beer/liquior/ cigarettes for a minor or a person without ID, unless you would want to risk 2500 fine and jail time in her place, because thats the risk cashiers in the convenience stores take.

they have some empathy and chill the *** out.

also i know for a fact that its illegal to go around texas without an ID on you.

to duh College Station, Texas, United States #934320

OK, a passaport is the same thing as having an ID because issued by the federal government. I work for the Texas Department of Public Safety so I know that

to duh San Antonio, Texas, United States #963796

I just had same problem buying cigarrets he was an *** hole to me a guy named Matt how can I complain

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