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I went inside to get change for there vac/air pump. i asked the lady working if the machine was working.

she replied yes. i then walked outside put my money in the machine and it aet my money. i then walked back inside to tell the woman she then said theres nothing she can do. i asked her to call her boss.

she refused. then i said what is your name? she told me she wasnt going to tell me. i then started to call the head office.

they told me to have her give me my money back. she refused. i then grabed an old reciet sitting there to get the number of the store. i then began to call the head office.

she then called her boss and he told her to have me come back tomorrow.

i refused because i know they wont fix that problem the next day over $1.50. i then asked him what her name was so i can complain to head corp. he said um... i then replied her name is not um, and it is against the law to deny her name to me.

being that she was the cashier. i then put my phone on speaker for them to tell her to reimberust my money. she then talked in a different language to the boss. then says to me why am i so mad?

i said because you are giving me a run around over nothing. you have been told twice to give me my money. i then said i will put a complaint about her perticularly. finally her boss tells me her name was bento.

i dont believe that is her real name. finally she gave me my money. minutes later.

i will never go to a valero again. due to the lack of costumer service they provide!

Product or Service Mentioned: Valero Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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