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Two days ago on two different occasions . My son just happened to go to pump 7 at the Valero on avenue K in Lancaster, Ca.

He pumped almost five dollars worth, drove a mile home, tank still almost empty. Drove my daughter a few miles to work, stopped at same station used same pump (didn't know yet my son had stopped here and used same pump), drove home on fumes again , called station and their answer was "sorry, but the receipt says gas was pumped". Me "So, there is no way at all there could be a problem on YOUR end with YOUR pump?" Valero "Oh, no, those pumps are checked all the time". This is the same station some thieves went to to pump gas after stealing my son's wallet.

All you have to do is put in your zip code, no PIN . I hate them and will not return.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valero Tank Refill.

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$5.00 is barely a gallon. Won't get you far.


You can report them if you think there's a problem with the pump. Call your local Att General, the state Dept of Agriculture, or the National Institute of Standards and Technology @ 800-877-8339. Good Luck

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