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There is always something wrong with that 'new' store. & Its b/c their manager doesn't know what shes doing.

They almost never have two people working at the same time, & it gets really busy so obviously things would run smoother is one person isn't doing all the work themselves. She has fired all but one of her previous employees & for no solid reason. Just because she didn't like them. The employees that have been working there steadily, hate it & you can tell.

she works them long hours & never comes in on weekends. She is always flirting with vendors (shes a married woman with children) or making sexual remarks in front of employees and customers. Its unprofessional. She needs to be replaced.

That store is always running out of things & today the register wouldn't work so a lone employee had to go and find the prices for everything the customer purchased so he could record it all on paper.

WITH NO HELP! Its amazing that shes still manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valero Manager.

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