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I went into to valero to purchase a fountain drink I paid for it and went back to my car and took a big sip and some thing got lodged in my throat. I started choking and putting my finger down my throat to get it out, Finally I got it, it looked like a piece of moldy plastic.

I then went back in the store and told the clerk what had happened.He didn't care all he could say is the straws are covered.The customers in the store heard me and told my to call an ambulance. I am not a sue happy person I just wanted someone to fix the problem.So then I went back to fountain machine to inspect it my self and relived that there was slim coming for the ice machine.

I really believe that the slime has sat so long that it got hard and fell in my drink that was the grosses thing I think I have every happen to me. I called there corporate office and left e-mails and calls and have yet to get a response back.Valero store #2025 fry rd Katy, Tx

Product or Service Mentioned: Valero Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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